Vault Guide to Networking, Second Edition

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by Miriam Salpeter

Publication Date: 2021

When it comes to job success, it's not only what you know: it's who you know. Every year employers fill thousands of jobs without ever announcing them to the public. Connecting with others and getting your name out there gives you a crucial advantage for finding your next job and staying on top in your career. Networking, however, isn't only about you. A strong network provides mutual benefits for its contacts, and your networking success often hinges more on how you can help others than how they can help you.

The Vault Guide to Networking, Second Edition provides insight and advice into identifying your existing network—you already have one whether or not you think you do—and growing and maintaining it. Expert information describes how to master and use social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, to advance your networking and fuel your career while avoiding the many pitfalls of posting online. The best time to network is all the time—not only at official networking events or business functions—and this guide can help you unlock your ability to make connections and turn perfect strangers into strong business contacts.

This edition has been updated and expanded to discuss virtual networking, how to keep in touch with your network when working remotely, and new online opportunities for connecting with colleagues. It includes two all-new chapters:

  • How to Network Successfully at Virtual Events
  • Expand Your Network Virtually: Create Your Own Networking

Other chapters include:

  • What Is Networking and How Does It Help You Find a Job?
  • Identifying Your Network: Whom Do You Know?
  • Expanding Your Network
  • Be a Connector: Helping People in Your Network
  • Why Social Media Is Important
  • Making the Most of Social Networks for Your Job Search
  • Networking through Hobbies and Social Activities
  • How to Warm Up Cold Calls
  • Following Up with Your Network (Even if They Drop the Ball)
  • Tapping Your Network for Career Success
  • How to Maintain and Manage Your Network
  • Keep Networking (Even after You Have a Job)