Vault Guide to Behavioral Interviews

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by David Solloway

Publication Date: 2020

The Vault Guide to Behavioral Interviews contains essential tips for preparing for and acing behavioral interview questions. These questions (which often begin with the phrase "Tell me about a time when...") are now used by organizations in nearly every industry. This means that, no matter your desired role or company, you'll need to know how to deliver excellent answers to these questions in order to get hired.

The detailed advice in this guide is based on research, expert insights, and years of experience training individuals for behavioral interviewing with elite employers. The guide is designed to help you deliver A+ answers in behavioral interviews, giving you the best chance at receiving offers for even the most competitive jobs. This guide dives deep into what it takes to become successful at answering all types of behavioral interview questions.

Specifically, this guide will help you: think through behavioral questions interviewers will likely ask you; discover your skills that employers want to hear about; deliver answers interviewers can easily understand and remember; enhance your answers with nonverbal communication; show confidence when responding to questions; curate questions to ask at the end of behavioral interviews; and more.