The Applied Materials internship program allows students to take on hands-on projects within their chosen department. A company with highly technical products, internships are offered for both STEM and non-STEM students. Past interns commend the company’s “straightforward” interview process and report that “there were tons of networking opportunities.”

Internship Program Stats


Number Of Interns

101 or more


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3.00 - 3.49

About the Program

Departments that hire interns at Applied Materials vary from accounting and finance to marketing and sales, so there’s a diverse array of fields from which to choose. Interns are paid by the hour and are eligible for perks like health benefits. The majority of the interns are based in the company’s Santa Clara location and work on both individual and team projects to gain meaningful experience in their chosen specialization. Twenty percent of interns are offered full-time positions following ...

About the Company

If you have a phone, computer, or TV, chances are good that Applied Materials made something inside it. The company is No. 1 in nanomanufacturing technology solutions—meaning you’ll have to be a physics whiz just to understand the terminology on a daily basis.

Intern Reviews

  • “The company's culture is very accommodating to interns, with many benefits and co-workers more than willing to help you out. Standard 40-hour weeks and days go by relatively quickly due to a healthy combination of workload, lunch breaks, and talking to coworkers while working. Work/life balance was generous due to my short commute and being done mid-to-late afternoon.”
  • “The culture is very open and highly rewarding for intellectually curious individuals. The number of hours required to work was as expected, around 40 hours per week, and work/life balance was very good, with a ton of flexibility and benefits.”
  • “Work environment is very friendly. Approachable coworkers, feel like I can ask for help without being scared.”
  • “My team has a really good work/life balance, and my experience went well. However, this is not the case for other teams in which they do work long hours and even weekends. My team had a great attitude, and everyone was curious to learn new things.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “My manager appeared friendly in the interview process. I was mainly asked questions on my academic background and experience.”
  • “Interview was 2 hours long but amply broken up into six 20-minute sections. Interviewers offered plenty of insight into the co-op and were receptive to my many questions. I felt my interview was easy largely due to how personable the interviewers were. Good fielding standards for interns given the importance of job function (requirements were listed on university co-op website page).”
  • “Had 1 phone interview with 2 interviewers.  They asked questions about my experience and interests.”
  • “For my GEM Fellowship, the interview process was super short compared to past experiences for interviews. I only had one 30-minute interview with my now mentor, where I answered behavioral questions, briefly spoke about my experiences, and asked a few questions about the position. I heard back within the week that I had been offered the position.”